Our Story

While naming our brand, we were inspired by the word Ark(arc), which means 'being part of the circle'.

We know only as much as we can of the circle shape that expresses our life cycle. We are living in that moment and we do not know the future. We (Nazan and Nermin) have made Ark Istanbul, which we founded as two sisters and we are always searching a way to do our work better.

We continued to produce without setting an end for ourselves. By adding colors and cultures from all over the world to this cycle, we have accomplished very special and beautiful works.

While creating our collections, we took care that each one has a unique style. We work with the desire to add color and variety to our life circle, instead of repeating it by always looking for more.

We have created our own unique language by distinguishing ourselves from other brands in the market. While realizing this, we aimed to present our very special and rare products to you by designing them one by one with the highest quality materials. We have been inviting you to complete out circle for 40 years.